Comprehensive Exams . . . Beginning in 2 Days

On Monday, April 27, I will begin my first of three days of comprehensive exams. This is the final hurdle to jump over prior to the dissertation. I have spent all semester preparing. I have as wide a view of the field as I will ever have.
Here is the breakdown for each of the three days (each day is a 5 hour session):

Monday, April 27
Hebrew translation
Former Prophets

Thursday, April 30
Latter Prophets
Old Testament Theology

Monday, May 4
Three NT questions
At present, I feel quite good about things; I feel well-prepared. But it will be a ton of work. I can’t imagine the amount of pages I am going to write in such a short period; 25 or more on the second day, in 5 hours. I barely write a page an hour when I’m writing a paper or article. But I know the material, and well, and I hope that translates on each day.

If time permits, I will post my reflections throughout the process. I appreciate your prayers (non-imprecatory, of course!). Wish me luck!

All the best!

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