Who’s Honoring Me Now? (updated)

The title of this post is blatantly ripped off from an irregular segment on Stephen Colbert’s show “The Colbert Report.”  No arrogance intended, only a weak (very weak) attempt at humor!

Joseph Kelly over at kol ha-adam has a great post up about James Barr and myself in which he discusses Barr’s view of the task of Old Testament theology and how my current article meshes with that view.  Please do check out his post here, and feel free to comment here . . . I am more likely to see it.

More on deception, coming soon!


Edit: I am now aware of two other posts to add to this list.  Please do check them out!

1) John Hobbins discusses Israel Finkelstein, Amihai Mazar, and BAR here, including a link to my post on “The Tenth Century Question” in Israelite archaeology.

2) Richard over at Tehillim revisits an earlier discussion held on this very blog regarding the closing of the Psalter (or as I prefer to say, when did the Psalter achieve its ‘final form?’)  You can see the full original thread with comments (after a little scrolling) here.


One thought on “Who’s Honoring Me Now? (updated)

  1. danielandtonya says:

    You and your Baylor brethren have been honored on our blog… with second place. Do some recruiting and take Brite out!


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