Q & A with . . . myself!

I’m not feeling terribly thoughtful right now, and in that spirit it may be an interesting activity for readers to learn a bit more about me.  Here are some other, random facts that will perhaps be of interest:

Little Known Facts About Me . . .
1) My parents own the only pet store in my home town, and have for the last 30+ years.

2) I have never broken a bone in my body, ever.

3) I have a fear of flying, but I do it.  Reluctantly.

4) My high school mascot is an ear of corn.  No joke.

5) I can play the piano, though my skills have deteriorated.  I can also play the trumpet . . . poorly.  I was in marching band for four years in HS.

6) I am a huge wuss when I am sick.  Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge wuss.

7) I am scared of spiders, heights, and dying.  I’m also not too fond of elevators, but I seldom think of it much anymore.

8 ) I used to have a bowl haircut.  For years.  And before that it was a spike.  Oh, and I’m terribly ashamed to admit this, but I used to have a rat tail.

9) If I could meet one famous person living today, it would probably be Hulk Hogan.  If I could meet one person from any period in history, it would likely be Hul . . . just kidding.  It would actually be Jesus.   Jacob (the Genesis character, assuming historicity)–would be fun too!

10) I can’t grow facial hair for the life of me.  And I want a goatee really bad.

11) In undergrad, I was originally a psychology major.  The single reason I am in the field of religion right now is because of one professor: Dr. Murray Haar at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.  He was and is captivating, and he remains a dear friend to this day.

12) I almost decided not to attend Duke for my masters and continue working at the Wells Fargo Financial credit card headquarters where my wife and I were both employed.  The money was good and the opportunities for advancement were there . . . but we took a risk.  And I’m glad we did.

13) I’m registered as a Republican, but have seldom been impressed with a Republican candidate.  I’ve always voted Democrat for president.

14) One of my biggest pet peeves is when my wife watches the non-HD version of a channel we have in HD.

15) I own ten video game systems: original NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, original Sega, Dreamcast, Sega Game Gear.

16. To evidence how big of a pro wrestling fan I am, my collection in my room back home in South Dakota was once featured (well, part of my room) in an issue of the WWE magazine (image HERE; and keep in mind, this is a very small portion of what I have).  I estimate I have spent, over nearly 20 years of watching wrestling, in excess of $15,000-20,000 . . . and to be honest, it is probably worth much more than that.

17) When I was in grade school, I won a contest by writing an essay on “What My Family Means to Me.”  It got my family and I featured for a 5 minute segment on the local news, and my parents still have the tape, which includes video of fat little me reading my essay.

18) I am very impatient, but have often found in my experience that good things do come to those who wait.

19) My sister and I, when we were younger, had an immune deficiency and had to have IV’s once a month, all day, for about 3 years.

20) I can do a spot-on impression of Bullwinkle the Moose.

Favorites . . . 
Musician: Billy Joel

Food: Chicken strips (General Tso’s chicken is a close second).

TV Show: anything wrestling, especially WWE.  If wrestling is off the table, I’d have to name a four-way tie between 24 (on Fox with Keifer Sutherland), American Idol, and the Daily Show and Colbert Report.  Notable mention also goes to such wonderful programming as 30 Rock (Tina Fey is a genius), House, Lie to Me, Lost, Hell’s Kitchen, Survivor, and So You Think You Can Dance.  Yeah, I watch a lot of TV.

Movie(s): I can’t pick just one.  Anytime it is on TV I could watch the following: any of the Naked Gun movies, RENT, Anchorman, Miss Congeneality, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel, any of the Austin Powers movies, Rat Race.

Drink: Iced tea (unsweetened; that was the worst thing about living in NC–sweet tea.  Bleh!)

Biblical Story: Easy!  Gen 25:27-34 (Jacob tricking Esau out of the right of the firstborn–a truly hilarious scene if you agree with me that Esau is portrayed as a bumbling idiot).  Gen 27 (the deception of Isaac) is a close second.

Biblical Character: Jacob

Animal: Dogs (I can’t stand cats!)

Season: Texas doesn’t really have much for seasons; I desperately miss the South Dakota winters.

Sport: Assuming wrestling doesn’t count, I have no clue how to answer this.  I used to be a big baseball fan, and I loved the Minnesota Twins; Kirby Puckett was my favorite.  I don’t like football in the least.  As I think about it, probably the only sport on TV that I will actually stop the channel and watch is bowling on ESPN.  Now that is sad.

Website: Aside from my email, which I check obsessively, probably wrestlezone.com or lordsofpain.net, both of which are wrestling news and rumor sites.  I know, I lead a sad life.

Religion book: Probably Walter Brueggemann’s Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy.  Robert Alter’s The Art of Biblical Narrative is a close contender for this slot.

Non-religion book: I seldom read anything not associated with the academic study of religion.  Best bet would probably be Where the Red Fern Grows . . . unless wrestler autobiographies count!


I think that’s adequate for now; my creativity is waning (as though this post were remotely creative!).  What questions or items would you like to know?  Ask away!




13 thoughts on “Q & A with . . . myself!

  1. Nick Norelli says:

    Now when you say you hada rat’s tail, you’re talking about a haircut, right? 😛

    You should definitely link to this post in your “about” page. I have a few like this (which I’m sure you’ve already read). 😉

  2. John Anderson says:

    No, I mean a lucky tail of a rat. It’s on my key ring.

    Yes, a haircut. Pretty brutal to think about actually. I decided to have it cut off when it was finally long enough to braid. And as I reflect upon what I have just written, I feel terribly ashamed.

  3. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Do you realize how much dirt you just gave me, John? J/k, John, I’d never stoop to such lowbrow humor . . . well, maybe. 🙂 In all seriousness, though, great post!

  4. John Anderson says:

    Roy: Hey buddy! Good to see you checking in. Please do continue to do so. And, my dear friend, I would expect nothing less than for you to use this information against me (in fair ways, of course!). Who knows, maybe I’ll grow the rat tail back for SBL . . . you know, as a means of networking.

    Brandon: First off, I am pleased to see you have returned to blogging. Welcome back! Second, don’t cut yourself so short–I’m sure you could and would ask questions of me that are far more pointed and poignant than what I could ever ask of myself! In all seriousness, though, I would very much enjoy a biblioblogs interview; just let me know when and I am game!


  5. John Anderson says:

    Richard: Nice response—what part?!

    Brian: Hey now, admitting to that shouldn’t be that bad, should it? It should be endearing. My son is one too! Like father, like son! And thanks for the comments about my blog. I’ll take being a momma’s boy with a great blog.

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