How Have People Found Me?

Jim West irregularly notes interesting ways in which people have found his blog through searches in various search engines.  This is one feature of wordpress that I thoroughly enjoy: seeing what has led people to my blog.  There have been some fascinating ones, and I thought I’d share a few here because they pique my interest for varying reasons.  These do indicate, at least, in my estimation a quite robust set of questions being asked by some of surf the internet; not all is mindless!  Here are a few search strings that have led people to my blog; for your ‘convenience’ I have grouped them into some broad categories that seem applicable:

The ‘Why are you stalking me?!’ category
“john e. anderson baylor” (ok, that’s a bit precise)
“john anderson baylor” (strangely, testifying to the utter simplicity and commonality of my name, you will find a great many John Andersons who simply are not me with this search)
“john anderson hesed we meet” (the typo in emet is the searches, not mine)
“john anderson book length stories about” (WHAT?!  If anyone finds something on this please bring it to my attention!)
“john anderson cycle” (what does this even mean?  Am I a cyclist?  Truth be told, I can barely ride a bike!  Does someone think I have my own cycle of stories in the Bible?)

The ‘Ahhh, good, you want to know about Jacob and Genesis’ category
“Jacob known as trickster” (a brilliant search!)
“tricksters in the Jacob cycle” (another brilliant search)
“Jacob and Laban” (hopefully they read my article)
“trickster theology”
“alter on biblical birth type scenes” (this is clearly the search of a wise, sagacious mind)
“book of Genesis incoherence” (source critics are unfortunately still around–wink!)
“character of God in Genesis,” “character of God portrayed in Genesis,” “characteristics of God in Genesis” (again, I hope they read my article if they want the REAL answers to these questions!)

The ‘glad I could be of service’ category
“Brueggemann” (one of the true heroes of the faith for me; I’m glad others are finding him searchworthy)
“my dissertation in a year” (Yes, I am aiming to get the dissertation done in a year.  Insane, surely, but do-able nonetheless.  And I hope to do it.)
“phd comprehensive test went well” (Presumably a stressed out student on the eve of talking these tests, and upon finding my posts, is imbued with a great level of not only confidence but also competence, and the next day, aced his/her exams.  Hey, I can pretend, right?)
“phd exams 2009” (gotta make sure you got the 2009 version of these; do NOT search for phd exams 2008 . . . . that was soooooooo last year)
“unmarked subject verb position” (I’m actually uncertain how this got to me.  I trust it is the abstract for my upcoming SBL paper, but I can’t imagine the number of pages this person would have had to look through before landing on my BLOG)
“should I get my phd from the same school” (my answer, you should get a ph.d. from a school that will pay for it for you)

The ‘what the . . . ?’ category
“tina fey” (I make one comment about how I watch 30 Rock and all of a sudden the Tina Fey fanclub bombards my blog.  Or something.)
“bowl haircut” (I make one comment about how I used to have a bowl hair cut and all of a sudden everyone in the world who still has a bowl haircut bombards my blog.  Or something)
“wwe magazine cover” (Sadly I wasn’t on the cover, but in a small article inside.  I take great pride in being an academic and a professional wrestling fan)

QUICK ‘DID YOU KNOW’ FOR THE DAY: Did you know I am not the only academic who is enthralled with professional wrestling.  It has been confirmed to me that Patrick Miller (Princeton) is a huge pro wrestling fan!  Rumor also has it that Brueggemann enjoys it as well, but I have yet to confirm that; perhaps at our SBL meeting.  I can already see the segueway into that conversation (“Yeah, I really find the scene where Jacob wrestles with the [angel of] God in Gen 32 a remarkable scene in how it portrays God explicitly as a character of conflict in Genesis.  Say, do you like professional wrestling . . . ?)  Flawless logic!



6 thoughts on “How Have People Found Me?

  1. Bryan says:

    Oh yes, Pat is an old school rasslin’ fan from way back.

    Every day people find my blog by searching for “failure.” [I did a post about ritual failure. I hope they aren’t disappointed.]

  2. Bryan says:

    He was my advisor, you know, and these things have a way of coming to light in conversation. Actually, I think I first heard a conversation on the subject between Pat and Rolf Jacobson in our OT Theology seminary. I’m not sure how it was related to Gabler.

  3. Bryan says:

    I remember Rolf having extensive knowledge of wrestlers from the 80s. I’m not sure if he’s kept up or not, but it would not surprise me. (He is also a big Southpark fan. You would have a lot to talk about.)

  4. Bryan says:

    Oh, I can’t think of other OT scholar/wrestling fans at the moment, though I would bet there are many. Maybe it’s the lure of mythology.

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