I’ve Been Interviewed at Biblioblogs!


This has been a big month.  First, I move to wordpress.  Second, my traffic increases tremendously.  Third, NT Wrong actually debases him/herself enough to comment on my blog (the same may also be said of Jim West!).  As if those points alone didn’t make me feel as though I had somehow ‘arrived.’  And now . . . I am pleased to announce that my pleading has paid off!  Brandon Wason has selected myself and Hesed we ’emet as the featured biblioblog(ger) for June 2009.  You can read the interview he conducted with me HERE

Please do feel free to comment on the interview, or any questions that may arise from it, in this post.


[N.B. — the picture of me included with the interview is me in front of the magnificently beautiful Duke Chapel after receiving my masters hood from, well, Duke.]


13 thoughts on “I’ve Been Interviewed at Biblioblogs!

  1. Bryan Bibb says:

    Congrats on being featured. I have posted a few hard hitting Chris Matthews style questions over on Brandon’s site, but please understand it’s nothing personal. 🙂 I just want to get down to the real truth. Nothing but the facts!

    I actually do have one question. What kind of place would you like to work after you’re done and why?

  2. John Anderson says:


    Thanks! And I have posted a response on Brandon’s blog. I trust you will understand it is in jest.

    In response to your question, would “any place that will hire me” be an acceptable response? While there is quite a bit of truth to that, I’m really not too picky. I think each option has its high points. I have made no qualms about saying how desperately I want to be at my undergrad; they, unfortunately, are not hiring right now, nor will they likely have any OT positions open for a while. In taking coursework and upper-level Ph.D. classes, I have also come to realize how much I would enjoy having graduate students in a small class setting, be it at a seminary or university, MDiv, MA, or Ph.D. I wouldn’t mind being at a seminary so long as I didn’t have to compromise my academic integrity to do so (this only really applies to a very few uber-conservative schools that likely wouldn’t even give me a second look, which is fine). A small, liberal arts college would be great too; that’s the context in which I cut my teeth on the academic study of religion, and I feel it prepared me quite well. One thing I would prefer, and I think my upcoming semester of teaching will confirm this, is smaller class sizes. Anything at or over 40 I think is too big–not for me to handle, but too big for the type of teaching that I am accustomed to, and the type of teaching I think is important for the topic at hand. In sum, smaller class sizes fit my teaching philosophy.

    So, that is sort of a non-answer. Does that clarify anything? Suggestions or advice?

  3. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Congrats on receiving the biblioblog of the month, John! So, do they send you an embossed “biblioblog of the month” certificate to hang on the wall? J/K Seriously, though, your effort into this venture is more than evident and deserves recognition! I especially appreciate the book reviews, and I too am looking forward to your remarks on BW8!

  4. John Anderson says:

    Thanks, Roy! And we are planning to have you guys over soon; let us know when you return.

    They, unfortunately, do not send a certificate, but I have taken the liberty of getting a t-shirt made that reads “Biblioblogger of the Month.” I will wear it proudly every day this month (and for those that can’t tell, yes, I am being terribly sarcastic).

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