A quick note about my article (“Jacob, Laban, and a Divine Trickster . . . “)

For a variety of reasons I have removed the links to my article, “Jacob, Laban, and a Divine Trickster: The Covenantal Framework of God’s Deception in the Theology of the Jacob Cycle” from this blog. 

I have also become aware, thanks in large part to the wonderful features of wordpress, that a number of people have searched for this article and arrived at my blog, perhaps in the hope of reading it.  So as not to disappoint, and to clarify, the article is in the current issue of Perspectives in Religous Studies (issue 36) and should be in any university library that subscribes to that journal.  It seems, however, that the piece is not yet available on ATLA.  In conversations I have had, it can sometimes take an additional month or two for something to get indexed and appear in ATLA.

So, for those who came too late, be patient.  It will be available on ATLA sooner rather than later.  And, to be sure, I will announce on here when it is available on ATLA.

Just wanted to clear that up, for those who may be confused.

And now, back to my prospectus.



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