And my ranking is . . . . (Biblioblog Top 50 for June 2009)

The Biblioblog Top 50 for June 2009 is now up.  Congrats to Jim West on his fourth consecutive month at the top of the list.  I wish to extend my congrats also to Michael Whitenton’s very fine blog, Ecce Homo, which also debuted this month at an impressive number 47.

I am pleased to announce, however, that finally, I have cracked the top 50!  In fact, this blog jumped up 44 places from May 2009, landing me at number 33 for the month!  I’m pretty stoked! 

My thanks to all those who have read, commented, and enjoyed this blog.  It is my hope you will continue to visit and engage, and that you will see me again on the Top 50 next month!  I will display this banner proudly!



8 thoughts on “And my ranking is . . . . (Biblioblog Top 50 for June 2009)

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you, thank you.

    *cough, cough* Michael Bird was 47. Michael Whitenton was 46. 🙂 This is the only time I would ever correct confusion between the two of us. I heart the Bird man.

    I’ll be stopping by and engaging. You can count on that.

    “See” you tomorrow.

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