What Seven Biblioblogs Do You Read the Most?

Celucien Joseph over at Christ, My Righteousness has posted an interesting topic, naming the top ten biblioblogs he reads on a regular basis (I wasn’t mentioned — sigh . . . . . jk).  This got me thinking on the same question.  There is a consistent group of blogs that I do check daily.  I am going to be, however, a bit more selective (and biblical!).  And so, here are the seven blogs that I not only check but also actually read most often (in no particular order).

1) Chris Heard, Higgaion – As a fellow Genesis scholar, I am always interested in what Chris has to say.  I have expressed my appreciation for his Dynamics of Diselection on this blog before (see HERE), and I am pleased to be able to interact with him in the blogging world.  He also has a wonderful sense of humor that I always enjoy.

2) Mike Whitenton, Ecce Homo – Michael and I have recently developed quite the friendship online.  He is in the process of preparing Ph.D. applications, and I have been pleased to offer my advice to him on these matters.  It has been a fun avenue to revisit and reflect upon my own experiences.  He has also kept me on my toes with the ‘other part’ of the Bible (I think it’s called the New Testament . . . . ha!).

3) Nick Norelli, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth – Nick has a great sense of humor as well, and updates quite often on topics that are quite creative and engaging.  I’ve never seen anyone draw 20 comments by posting a story about finding a booger in a book!  If only I could attain that level of blogging popularity!!

4) Nijay Gupta – Nijay’s blog is a wealth of information for current and prospective students of the NT.  I don’t quite share his interest in Paul, but I have had the opportunity to engage with him on a variety of thoughtful topics.  He also is at the tail end of blogging through the writing of his dissertation, a task I plan to begin very shortly.

5) Jim West – This entry should come without explanation.  I appreciate the firmness and confidence with which Jim shares his opinions (even though I don’t share all of them), but I do also consider him a serious biblioblogger (you’re welcome, Jim!).  There is a wealth of information and resources for biblical studies that have been brought to my attention by good ol’ JW. 

6) Bryan Bibb, Hevel – Bryan is an OT professor at Furman; he is one of the few Hebrew Bible scholars out there blogging (in addition to Chris Heard, myself, and a few others).  By default, then, I check his blog regularly.  I have very much enjoyed dialoguing with Bryan on a host of topics, including the possibility of biblioblogging podcasts, pedagogy, the nature of an OT intro, etc.

7) Richard, YHWH Malak – While Richard and I seem to approach Scripture from very different trajectories and through the work of very different scholars, I always enjoy the questions he poses.  His regular and well-thought-out questions have pressed me often to refine my own view of many issues, among them Pentateuchal composition and the closing of the Psalter. 

What do you think?  And what five, seven, or ten blogs do you most often visit and read, and why?

10 thoughts on “What Seven Biblioblogs Do You Read the Most?

  1. Mike Aubrey says:

    he is one of the few Hebrew Bible scholars out there blogging

    One of the few? I can think of a good dozen Hebrew bloggers, while I’m stuck with only perhaps four or five consistent Greek bloggers.

    not that I’m bitter or anything like that…

  2. John Anderson says:


    You can be bitter, no harm!

    When I think of the blogs I look at, at least, there are far far far more NT ones than OT. Maybe it’s just me. But that seems to be the trend.

    • Mike Aubrey says:

      True, there probably are more NT than OT, but most NT blogs are interested in history or theology as opposed to Language. There are far more Hebrew language oriented blogs than there are Greek oriented blogs.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks for the mention, John. I’ve enjoyed our online friendship as well. Maybe some day we will actually meet in person!

    We look at a lot of the same blogs. I’ll post mine in a bit, probably tomorrow.

    How are those apps comin’? 😉

  4. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the mention, sir. This is a good meme because one’s blog roll can easily grow too long to be that useful (and mine, at least, needs much updating).

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