New Hebrew Bible blog by a colleague of mine . . . .

Do check out the new blog by David Melvin, cleverly entitled byt dwd.  David is a colleague of mine at Baylor in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Ph.D. program (he’s one year behind me).  He is very much interested in matters pertaining to the ancient Near East (which makes he and I great dialogue partners . . . . wink).

So far he only has one post, and I can already sense his pessimistic optimism at maintaining the blog.  But, if he does indeed maintain it, it should be some good stuff.  Check out his “about” page for all the information fit to print (and ask me for all the info NOT fit to print about this character!).  I’m also a bit curious as to the title of his blog: Jewish gentile.  Hey, I thought that was me!!!

Do give him a look.


4 thoughts on “New Hebrew Bible blog by a colleague of mine . . . .

  1. David Melvin says:

    Thanks for the plug. I’m still trying to get things tweaked to a form that I’m happy with, so give me a day or two.

    As for the jewishgentile thing, I came up with that as an e-mail/username years ago. It seemed clever and it matched my interests.

  2. John Anderson says:

    David: No problem.

    Michael: Sadly, Mr. Melvin is not a WWE fan. Interestingly though, the other HB/OT person admitted to the Ph.D. program at Baylor with me four years ago . . . . the only one admitted alongside me that year, in fact . . . . is a WWE fan. And that person is a female to boot. She and I have gone to Dallas to an event together. Yes, we had our spouse’s approval!

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