Honest Scrap Meme Response: Ten Things About Me

Matt at Broadcast Depth tagged me in a new meme circulating, cleverly entitled “Honest Scrap” (say it out loud) and asking for ten facts about me.  I’ve already done two posts like this (see HERE and HERE), but I would be remiss not to respond.  What’s another ten little factoids about me going to hurt?

1. I played the trumpet in band from 5th grade until 12th grade.  At no point during this period of eight years did I ever have any discernible skill at playing.  In high school (grades 9-12) I was in marching band, which I loved, but I was not too terribly adept at marching and playing.  Couple that with the fact I had to memorize the songs and, well . . . . there was a lot of faking going on!

2. I have an unhealthy addiction to email.  During any given day, I check it upwards of probably 20-30 times.

3. I absolutely love watching old episodes of Full House, Family Matters (aka, ‘Urkel’), Step by Step, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Nostalgia.

4. I know way too much about Saved by the Bell.  I can not only name the episode and its premise within the first 30 seconds of the show, but also rattle off the dialogue at many points.  Sad.

5. I am a ridiculously fast typer.  Truth be told I can type upwards of 80+ words per minute consistently.

6. I have no problem buying used books on Amazon.  In fact, I will always buy used so long as there is a large enough price difference between used and new.  My only caveat is that the book description must say that it is a clean, unmarked copy.  Why?  Because I mark my books up like crazy . . . . when I’m done, each page looks like a page of Talmud with my commentary around it.

7. I lost 59 lbs about 2 years ago and was in great shape, but when my wife got pregnant (some of) the weight came back on.  Hey, I can’t let her eat that pizza and ice cream by herself!  What kind of husband would that make me?

8. I prefer Letterman over Leno.  The only funny thing Leno ever did was ‘Headlines,’ and it wasn’t funny because of him.  I like Letterman’s delivery, improv, and edge. 

9. I cannot think, write, or formulate a thought if there is noise.  I am terribly sound-sensitive, and actually am convinced I have a mild case of ADHD.

10. It makes me sad that, despite our similar interests in Genesis, Chris Heard has never commented on my blog (puppy dog eyes and pouty lip).

There you have it!


4 thoughts on “Honest Scrap Meme Response: Ten Things About Me

  1. Jason says:

    #3 – I went through a Family Matters phase a few years ago.

    #4 – As lame as it is, I, too, have seen every episode multiple times! I, however, do not have the recall you do–it would take me at least a minute before I can recall the storyline!

    #9 – I am the same way. The only exception is if I have light classical music playing to slightly break up the silence. Beethoven usually fills the bill!

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