Video: The Simpsons on Grad Students

Mike Kok over at The Golden Rule posted up this video, and it was just too funny not to share here as well.  Anyone else think Bart’s impression of a grad student is spot-on (sadly, the fact that I used to have a rat tail . . . . . YEARS AGO I SAY!! . . . . makes me all the more depressed).


4 thoughts on “Video: The Simpsons on Grad Students

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    OMG! That’s %$@! awesome! There are times I wish I had had a “marge” tell me not to make this “bad decision.” Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing, but I know two lawyers who started law school and finished in the time it took me to just get my seminary degree. And I know a doctor who only took ten years to get through medical school and residency. 6 years B.A. (169 hours and 3 degree changes); 3.5 years of seminary; 1 year M.A.; and so far 2 years Ph.D.(sigh)

    • Roy "Eli" Garton says:

      I’m proud to say that I’ve never grown a tail of any sort. Although, I must confess to having grown out my hair once. I looked like one of the Beetles, or so I was told. Now I just glad to be able to grow any amount of hair! 🙂

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