Does Anyone Know of a FREE Letter Dossier Service?

In applying for jobs (yay!) one does not want to become pesky to one’s letter writers in constantly asking for a letter to be sent.  I am aware of several online dossier services (such as Interfolio) that allow the letter writer to submit their letter to a database of sorts, all the while remaining confidential, and also allowing for the applicant to send the letter with a few clicks to the school of his/her choosing.  There is a cost to these, however, and as a still poor grad student, I’m looking for freebies.

So, does anyone know of such a service, or something quite similar, that is free?  It may turn out there is no such thing and I will have to bite the bullet, but I can’t imagine that something on the internet doesn’t exist that is free and does this or something similar.  Do you know of anything?

Perhaps the more technologically savvy among us (I’m looking at you Chris Heard and Bryan Bibb) will know of something?


5 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know of a FREE Letter Dossier Service?

  1. anummabrooke says:

    John, the Ph.D. studies office at my alma mater (Princeton Theological Seminary) provides this service to its current ABDs and recent graduates. If you haven’t already, do check with your own office first and see if they do the same.

    For my part, I wasn’t aware of Interfolio and the others. Thanks for that information!

  2. John Anderson says:

    Michael: ha! That would assume there is dirt to get.

    Brooke: Many thanks for this note. I will look into it!

    Do others have suggestions as well, in case Baylor’s graduate school doesn’t offer this service?

  3. Eric says:

    Hi John, echoing Brooke, I would first check at the Baylor graduate school. Emory provided a great dossier service, especially if you were proactive and had everything submitted early. Good luck.

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