SBL 2009 New Orleans Program Available


My paper is slotted for Tuesday, November 24 at 9am in the program unit “Bible Translation.”  If you are able to attend, please do.  I hope that despite the date and time it is scheduled that you will be able to attend.  Do leave a note here if you plan to hear it (the benefit: I’m the first one to present in the session).  The abstract for my paper can be read HERE.


8 thoughts on “SBL 2009 New Orleans Program Available

  1. danielandtonya says:

    we just updated the bloggers at sbl list (

    but for some reason, its not showing in our rss reader. yours?

    we’ll definitely be at your paper, but we’re gonna leave quickly when you’re done to go hear crossley’s paper on “NT Wrong and the bibliobloggers” (sounds like a band name). You’re reading first at 9am and he’s reading 2nd, so it should work out.


  2. Joseph Kelly says:

    So, while I really want to attend your reading, I am torn between it an the very intriguing article by Mark McEntire over at the Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures unit on “The God at the End of the Story: Are Biblical Theology and Narrative Character Development Compatible?”

    You are both reading at the same time, so I can’t jump from room to room. Ahhh!

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