Baylor Folk Presenting at SBL 2009

Brandon Wason has posted up a list of those from Emory who are presenting at SBL 2009, and Pat McCullough has done the same for his UCLA colleagues.  In light of this, I will be sharing here the Baylor folk who are reading, presenting, or presiding at SBL.  We are well-represented for the number of people in our program.  I would like to commend each of these papers to you, especially that Anderson fella . . . . he is sharp!

The order of the listing here is as follows:

Saturday, November 21
Book of the Twelve Prophets (21-111), James Nogalski, presiding [9 am – 11:30 am]

Biblical Criticism and Literary Criticism (21-308), T. Delayne Vaughn, “The Prophet in the Garden Path: Preference Rules, Cognitive Narratology, and the Book of Jonah,” [4 – 6:30; listed 4th of 5]

Pauline Epistles (21-329), Todd Still, Panelist, Theme: After the First Urban Christians: The Social Scientific Study of Pauline Christianity Twenty Five Years Later [4 – 6:30]

Sunday, November 22
Hebrew Scriptures and Cognate Literature (22-120), David Melvin, “Divine Mediation and the Rise of Civilization in Mesopotamian Literature, Gen 1-11, and Jewish Apocalyptic” [9 – 11:30; 1st of 5]

Letters of James, Peter, and Jude (22-126), Jason Whitlark, “Emphutos Logos: A New Covenant Motif in the Letter of James” [9 – 11:30; 2nd of 4]

Disputed Paulines (22-213), Julien Smith, “The Characterization of the Christ as Ideal King in Ephesians” [1 – 3; 2nd of 4]

Formation of Luke-Acts (22-216), Tim Brookins, “Luke 18:35-43 as a Rhetorical Paraphrase of Mark 10:46-52” [1 – 3; 1st of 3]

Johannine Literature (22-224), Alicia Myers, “Prosopoetics and Conflict: Speech and Expectations in John 8” [1 – 3:30; 3rd of 5]

Rhetoric and the New Testament (22-342) James McConnell, “The Topos of Divine Testimony Through Deeds in Plutarch’s Lives and Luke/Acts” [4 – 6:30; 1st of 4]

Monday, November 23
Psychology and Biblical Studies (23-142), Ginny Brewer-Boydston, “Overbearing Mothers and Childhood Regression: A Feminist Psychoanalytic Reading of Judges 4-5” [9 – 11:30; 2nd of 3]

Synoptic Gospels (23-147), Charles Talbert, “Matthew and Character Formation” [9 – 11:30; 1st of 4]

Things I Wish I Knew About Doing a Ph.D. (23-149), Alicia Myers, panelist [9 – 10:30]

Bible and Visual Art (23-205), Heidi Hornik, presiding [1 – 3:30]

Book of Psalms (23-210), W.H. Bellinger, presiding [1 – 3:30]

Book of Psalms (23-210), Roy Garton, “The Death of a Psalmist: A Strucutral Analysis and Literary Reading of Psalm 88” [1 – 3:30; 4th of 5]

Women in the Biblical World (23-245), Ginny Brewer-Boydston, “Sarah the ‘Gevirah’: A Comparison of Sarah and the Queen Mothers in Matters of Succession” [1 – 3:30; 1st of 5]

Sacrifice, Cult, and Atonement (23-334), Eric Gilchrest, “For the Wages of Sin is . . . . Banishment? An Unexplored Substitutionary Motif in Lev 16 and the Day of Atonement” [4 – 6:30; 2nd of 3]

Tuesday, November 24
Bible Translation (24-104), John Anderson, “A Divine Trickster in Gen 25:23: Reading Jacob and Esau Between Beten and Bethel” [9 – 11:30; 1st of 6]

Christian Theology and the Bible (24-107),  Hubert Keener, panelist, Theme: Hagar and Sarah in the Bible: Session 2


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