Jim West meets my dissertation advisor (complete with a picture!)

For those have not been following Jim West’s blogging from the CBA annual meeting, I have been razzing him a bit in the comments, telling him something to the effect that if he were to meet my dissertation advisor, Bill Bellinger of Baylor, at the meeting, it would be almost like meeting me (since I know Jim is dying to meet me!).  Well, turns out he and Dr. Bellinger ended up being on the same plane and chatted briefly.  And now, Jim has risen to the challenge.  Here, courtesy of JW, is a picture of the man . . . . with Jim West.











Jim, congrats.  You’ve arrived!

(BTW, I am meeting with Dr. Bellinger next week; I am looking forward to getting the skinny on this from him).


5 thoughts on “Jim West meets my dissertation advisor (complete with a picture!)

  1. Michael says:

    John: From here it looks for all the world as if Dr. Bellinger is quite scared. I wonder what depraved bit Jim West shared with him. I’ll bet he threatened to harm him if he didn’t take the picture with him. Ad we all know, Jim is quite gaga for scholars, always hoping to get a picture with them (almost as bad a Tilling!).


  2. Jim says:

    oh you reprobates! he forced me into having my picture taken with HIM! 😉

    (ok not really, but we really have enjoyed several fine casual chats during the meeting. he really is a nice person)

  3. John Anderson says:


    No fibbing! I will get the truth when I speak with him next!

    Seriously, though, I’m glad you had the chance to speak with him. He is a delight, and if you can make him laugh, the entire room will go silent. Try it.

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