Happy Second Birthday to my Son!

Today, August 9, marks my son Evan’s second birthday.  He’s in bed now, and I can’t wait for him to wake up and spend all day playing with his gifts. 

Now, while I don’t expect he is a regular reader of my blog (he’s much more into the Scooby Doo and Dora the Explorer type of thing!), I just wanted to wish a happy 2nd birthday to my little man! 

Kids are the most incredible thing in the world.  Terribly frustrating yet insanely rewarding.  They will tear out every bit of patience you have, but with one little “I love you, Daddy,” all is well.  My day could be as bad as an old country western song, but when he is excited to see me, looks for me in the house when I am writing or reading (and I hear him saying “where daddy”), or pulls me from my chair saying “c’mon daddy, get up,” I can’t help but feel as though these are the truly important moments in life.  Indeed, they are. 

So, it’s been two years.  Everyone always says they grow up so fast.  They do.  And he’s as stubborn as I am (which can also be referred to with the descriptive phrase “he’s two,” ha!).  He was a big boy, over 9 lbs and over 21 inches long.  No wonder he ended up being a C-section; he didn’t want to come out, so we went in to get him.  That day is forever etched in my mind.  It changed my life.  For the better.  He is incredible.  I have never known the meaning of unconditional love–even for my wife–until Evan was born.

The day’s festivities are tentatively planned (for those curious what a 2 yr old’s birthday looks like) as follows: gifts in the morning, pictures before lunch, a visit to the zoo and/or the jumping kids playground, nap, more toy time, swimming, supper, cake destruction, some Scooby, and bed.  I can’t wait.

So Evan . . . . happy second birthday, dude!  Daddy loves you!

Me, Evan, and my wife, Taryn, a few weeks ago at his birthday party in South Dakota

Me, Evan, and my wife, Taryn, a few weeks ago at his birthday party in South Dakota


9 thoughts on “Happy Second Birthday to my Son!

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Many happy returns kiddo!

    John: You’ll have to tell me about the openning of presents when I see you next. I can hardly wait until Warren gets the whole “presents” thing!

  2. John Anderson says:

    Hey everyone, Evan says thanks for all the birthday wishes!

    We just got back from the inflatable jumping kids gym place; it zonked him out. Nap time!

    Here’s the gift inventory . . . . amazing what a two year old gets:
    *a power wheels 4 wheeler he can ride
    *an art easel with markers, eraser, chalk, and magnets
    *a giant crawl tunnel and two tents
    *Scooby Doo sticker book
    *three puzzles
    *Scooby Doo memory game
    *a viewfinder (the toy you look into and click each time to see a new picture)
    *Scooby Doo magnet and book set

    And a ton of other Scooby stuff . . . . stuffed Scooby, blankie, pillow. I’d say he made out like a bandit.

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