The Writing Assignments for My Course I am Teaching Are . . . .

Earlier I had asked you, my loyal readers, to help me come up with the writing assignments for my course (see  HERE) I am currently teaching at Baylor, REL 1310: Introduction to the Christian Scriptures.  I very much appreciate those of you who decided to weigh in and offer your advice.  I have, however, made my decision.

There are three separate writing assignments, 2-3 pages each.  The assignment is a text analysis.  What I have done is have each of the 60 students randomly draw a 5-12 verse biblical text I have selected, and that will be the text they work through for each of the three assignments.  The goals are 1) to get the students acquainted with the various basic resources for biblical studies; 2) to help the students become more competent and confident writers; 3) to get the students to think deeply about a specific biblical text and what it means/meant.

I have posted up the first assignment for them, and I thought I would share it all with you.  It includes the questions they are to answer, as well as an incomplete write-up I have done as a sample.  Let me know your thoughts.  You can see the handout for the first assignment HERE. (Also, please remember the creative commons copyright that applies to all material on this site).


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