Walter Brueggemann has agreed to read my dissertation!

Unofficially.  He won’t be a committee member (he is retired, and insanely busy to boot), but he has kindly agreed to read the dissertation along the way and make comments and suggestions.  I am tremendously grateful to Dr. Brueggemann for his willingness to do so.  He has already read my article (“Jacob, Laban, and a Divine Trickster? The Covenantal Framework of God’s Deception in the Theology of the Jacob Cycle,” PRSt 36 [2009]: 3-23) and responded very favorably.  It will be great to have him serving as another set of eyes for the piece.  I am very excited, and very thankful!  Pretty cool, huh?

Dr. Brueggemann and I will also be getting together at SBL.  I am very much looking forward to it.  Should be some stimulating conversation indeed!


9 thoughts on “Walter Brueggemann has agreed to read my dissertation!

  1. John Anderson says:

    Thanks everyone! It is pretty cool that he’d be willing to give of his time and read this (unofficially).

    And Rob, yes, indeed, God has. Now just say a prayer I get a job coming up shortly. I am hopeful (and prayerful!).

    • John Anderson says:


      So what you’re saying is you’re bitter I got someone more famous to read mine than you did? (wink).

      It is pretty cool. I wish he could be on the committee, but I understand. Similarly, he will be at Baylor in the Spring.

      If you remember, do tell him I say hello in January . . .

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