Forthcoming on Hesed we ’emet

Life has been busy.  Teaching and writing has occupied much of my time.  I, however, have not and will not neglect my loyal readers.  Here is a bit of what is forthcoming . . . .

Scholarly Interviews

James Crenshaw – Duke University (retired) – a former teacher of mine; I am awaiting and looking forward to his responses.

Nancy deClaisse-Walford – Mercer – a tremendous Psalms scholar and graduate of Baylor’s Ph.D. program in OT.  This will be  a great interview; she is very much a participant in what I would call cutting-edge Psalms scholarship.

Laurence Turner – Newbold, UK – a recent acquaintance I have been fortunate enough to make, Dr. Turner has published some very strong work on Genesis, including the Jacob cycle.  I have had the good fortune of getting his feedback on some of my work thus far; it will be great to get two Genesis minds together for an interview!

Is there anyone in particular you would like me to try to interview?  Ask away, I may know them or have a connection.

Book Reviews

I am steadily working through these volumes as well.  See the “book reviews” page above.  Whatever is unlinked will have a review posted up in the near future.


More on my teaching.  Today was my students’ first test (but that’s all I’ll say; no breaking FERPA here!).  But do look for me to continue to post on–and learn from others far more experienced than I–about the experience and blessing of teaching!

Your Choice

What do you want me to cover?  No guarantees I will be able to do so competently, but I am always open to ideas.

I hope you all are well!

7 thoughts on “Forthcoming on Hesed we ’emet

  1. Daniel O. McClellan says:

    We hosted a visit from Mel Peters in April at BYU and he was wonderful. I’ve probably read a dozen LXX books edited by Mel. I’d love to see something with him.

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your teaching posts. Keep that up. And more interviews. I’ve got one coming up tomorrow that’ll be awesome and one next week with someone from Waco, David Garland.

  3. Jason says:

    Looks like some good interviews coming up. I would like to read some of your thoughts on any given issue concerning the NT; perhaps the use of the OT in the NT. That’s always grounds for good discussion. Just keep blogging and help keep us NTers in the know!

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