Onward and DOWNward? My Ranking Is . . . (Biblioblog Top 50: September 2009)

The rankings are up.  I dipped from being at 19 (though they say 20, I am fairly certain I was at 19 last month) to 46.  A big drop!  As I commented there, this may be the first month I will truly express serious doubt at the Alexa ratings.  The last few days have been successful in matters of blog traffic; it confuses me then that my ranking went quickly from being in the 700,000’s to the 900,000’s.  Very odd.  But, in the end, I am not going to gripe.  This is all in fun.  I’m just registering my puzzlement.

Here’s to October!  Onward . . . . AND UPWARD!!

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4 thoughts on “Onward and DOWNward? My Ranking Is . . . (Biblioblog Top 50: September 2009)

  1. Biblioblog Top 50 says:

    Depending on how regular Alexa does updates, it may not have picked up the last few days. We while think over the long run, it is actually a fairly good system, the odd month tends to be contrary to expectations.

    We included Ferrell Jenkins as a late addition last month, and you went down one place as a result. That is why you went from 19 to 20.

    • John Anderson says:

      I guess what I find puzzling is that there is now a note that I have never noticed before–and I first noticed it about 3 weeks ago–on the alexa site that says stats are updated every 5 minutes. I’m not convinced. My numbers are still the same as they were 3 days ago.

      I am also curious what you mean by “the odd month tends to be contrary to expectations.” Are you defining this as an “odd month”? I certainly am.

      Thanks for the comment.

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