Like Father, Like Son?

My wife, son, and I took a mini-family vacation (our first!) to San Antonio a few weeks ago.  One night we went out to eat on the Riverwalk, and apparently my son was in a goofy mood.  This picture is just too priceless for me not to share.  My wife and I laugh hysterically every time we see it.  Perhaps it isn’t as funny to others as it is to us, but what would encourage a 2 year old to make such a face?  Especially when he knew we were taking a picture and just got done saying “cheeeeeeeeese” before making this face.

I truly worry what this indicates if the adage “like father, like son” is true!




6 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Son?

  1. Jason says:

    Let’s hope it’s not true! 😉 We took a mini-vacation to San Antonio a couple of years ago and our daughter (then 2 1/2, now 4 1/2) still talks about it! In fact, she laid claim to the Tower as “her tower”! Hope you ate at La Margarita–delicious!

  2. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Oh! Wait a sec . . . that’s Evan in the picture making the goofy face and not just you! For a moment there, I was a bit confused. I’ve seen that same face so many times before . . . when you defend your papers! J/K John. 🙂

    • John Anderson says:

      Ha! Very nice! But you must admit, Roy, it is a good strategy. The goofier I look, the more cogent my ideas begin to seem!

      In all honesty, you are at least half-correct, Roy. This is indeed a face I make, but only in response to those who persist in their use of historical-critical methodologies as though they were modern orthodoxy. But I don’t have anyone in particular in mind (wink).

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