To whomever was curious as to my religious affiliation . . . (and a question for others).

Someone arrived at my blog recently by searching the string “what religion is jon anderson.”  I’ll overlook the misspelling of the first name and assume they genuinely meant me.  I’ll trust also that this person found the answer (it is evident in my CV).

But, to answer, I’m Lutheran . . . ELCA.  Hope this is helpful!

And now I will extend this question to others.  I am curious as to the religious affiliation (or non-affiliation) of my readers.  We are surely a diverse bunch.  Please, take a brief moment to reply and let me know your specific affiliation.  If you want to elaborate further that is more than welcome.  But I am curious, and I look forward to your responses.


38 thoughts on “To whomever was curious as to my religious affiliation . . . (and a question for others).

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    I am Baptist, and I attend a Baptist church. However, I prefer to leave the title unmodified. Admittedly, this is rather uninformative, as there are about as many flavors of “Baptists” as there are varieties of salad dressing in the local supermarket. 🙂

  2. David Melvin says:

    I’m United Methodist. I was raised Pentecostal/charismatic (non-denominational) and spent a number of years in the Assemblies of God before switching to the UMC (a little over a year ago).

  3. Joel says:

    Okay, here it goes….

    I am a, to borrow from above, renegade oneness holiness, recovering fundamentalist, non-creedal (but agree with the Apostle’s and 325 creed), spirit filled, high church, believer.

    Or, simply TCOJC.

  4. Nick Norelli says:

    I self-identify as a Pentecostal (e.g., I stand in line with the AoG’s distinctive doctrines) yet I worship in a non-denominational Charismatic church whose leaders can be said to be closely related to the ‘Word of Faith’ type of teaching, holding folks such as Kenneth Hagin in high esteem. Suffice it to say that on a good number of issues I do not stand in line with the leaders in my church.

  5. Joseph Kelly says:

    While I minister to Churches of Christ, my theology is my own (and often at odds with typical COC theology), and my religion is simply Christian. I don’t believe denominations are something we should be proud of (in this I agree with my Church of Christ heritage, though I disagree that we have avoided becoming a denomination). Denominations are a testament to our inability to live as Christian’s truly should. I minister to the CoC because it is what I am familiar with (and thus suited to make the most positive change) and it keeps my family comfortable. I think Christian’s should be passionate about the church, not about the weeds that have grown in her midst.

  6. Rick Wadholm Jr says:

    Brian–The modern AG isn’t Reformed (and are definitely Arminian), but about one third of the original ministers in 1914 were affiliated with Reformed churches prior to their affiliation with the AG (at least according to my studies).

    Jason–Thanks (I always knew I was a little different 😉 )!

  7. David Melvin says:

    Regarding the A/G and Reformed Theology: Yeah, it seems you often hear talk of the A/G as representing the “Baptistic” (as opposed to Wesleyan) branch of Pentecostalism. I know Edith Blumhoffer emphasizes the Reformed roots of the A/G. Certainly the A/G sided with the “Finished Work” churches and tended more toward Keswick theology than true Wesleyan Holiness theology, but it seems to me that even the “Reformed” Pentecostals and Holiness folks were highly “Arminianized.” Rick, you may know more about this than I do, but it doesn’t seem to me that even those Pentecostals from Reformed backgrounds really emphasized Calvinism very much.

    John: I apologize for conducting a discussion of Pentecostalism on your blog. 🙂

  8. brianfulthorp says:

    Yeah, it was my fault really for saying that the AG isn’t reformed historically speaking, I should have just left it alone and not hijacked John’s blog) – though David pretty much stated it well. I think we have a more or less reformed sorteriology but that’s about it really.

    • John Anderson says:

      No concern, Brian. I don’t consider it highjacking at all. The topic goes where it goes. Please don’t feel constrained in the least. Share your part with confidence and conviction! Your opinions are always welcome here.

  9. John Anderson says:

    These responses are very interesting. And telling. Again, many of them need some unpacking, I think.

    Does it also make some of you wonder if I’m not a bit more complex than I’m letting on? My answer has been about the most straight-forward of anyone’s!

    How about I clarify? Ok, here goes (deep breath) . . .

    I’m a Lutheran . . . ELCA . . . but minus all of Luther’s anti-Jewish polemic.

    There, all better (wink).

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