My Son the Biblical Scholar! (or, a 2 year old reads the Bible)

Earlier today while my wife was at work my 2 year old son asked that I read to him.  After a series of Scooby Doo books 611FPE540WL__SS500_he brought me a real goodie . . . Who’s Who in the Old Testament (cover pictured at left).  There are pictures of animals on each page–fish, lions, birds, dogs, etc.–and he loves to identify the animals.  He’s a very sharp two year old!

As we were reading along we came to one of the final pages, I believe on Daniel, and we were naming off the various things in the pictures.  He very easily identified the “lion” when I pointed to it.  He then, however, continued to insist there was a “birdie” in the picture when there clearly was not.  I asked him where the birdie was, and he pointed, without hesitation . . . to an angel floating in the sky!  It was hilarious.  I guess an angel does fulfill some of the basic requirements a two year old would have for a “birdie” — wings and in the sky.  That is some sound exegesis!

So, what did I learn today?  Angels are really “birdies.”  My son . . . the biblical scholar!

(for another example of my son’s religious views, see HERE)


3 thoughts on “My Son the Biblical Scholar! (or, a 2 year old reads the Bible)

  1. anummabrooke says:

    I’m persuaded. After all, angels are “messengers” (malʾakim), and birds too may act as messengers (Eccles. 10:20). Two things equal to the same thing are equal to another. QED. Smart lad!

  2. John Anderson says:

    Brooke and Jason: Thanks! I think I have my SBL paper topic for next year – “Angels as Birdies: The Function and Development of Divine Messengers in Toddler Picture Books.”

    Hmmm . . . what program unit is the best fit?

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