Online Theses and Dissertations from Duke and Baylor


As we continue to move into the electronic age, theses and dissertations are now being preserved in digital, .pdf format on a great many university websites.  Many of these are, fortunately, open to the general public.  And as a graduate of both Duke, and a soon-to-be graduate of Baylor’s Ph.D. program, I thought I would share these two resources with you.

DukeSpace – Duke University online dissertations and theses

BearDocs – Baylor University online dissertations and theses

I have set these links to go directly to the Duke Div School and Baylor Religion Department contributions respectively, but do feel free to browse the larger archives. 

For what it is worth, I would highly recommend Robert Wallace’s dissertation (which has since been published with Peter Lang in their “Studies in Biblical Literature” series), The Narrative Effect of Book IV of the Hebrew Psalter.  I have used it in my own work on the Psalter, and I find it good good, especially given the importance of Book IV in the overall trajectory of the shape and shaping of the Psalter.

If you have other resources from universities of which you are aware, please share them with me and I will add to the list. 

Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “Online Theses and Dissertations from Duke and Baylor

  1. Jill says:

    This is a great resource. Thanks John. However, it did depress me because I looked up the authors of all the dissertations in the two databases on the SBL membership database/google search and found that at Duke there are 4 Old Testament diss and 2 were professors, 1 adjunct at U of Arizona, and 1 asst. prof tenure track at U of Dubuque seminary . 1 was in publishing. At the Baylor database there were 3 old testamennt dissertation, but only Robert Wallace is a tenure tracked asst, prof at shorter college. so thats 25%
    at Duke and 33% at Baylor of the diss authors with tenue track jobs.

    Obviously, this list is not complete and my experament is methodologically problematic. After all, Porter is a recent Duke grad who now teaches as Duke. But it would be interesting to compare these databases with other ones. Are there databases from Harvard, Yale, Emory, Pinceton, Notre Dame or Chicago?

      • Ben says:

        I’m studying Acts. Specifically, I’m looking at how the combination of restoration of Israel emphasis in the first half of Acts combined with the narrative of Paul’s ministry along with the focus of his defense seem to be responding specifically to accusations or pressure from Judaizers. I’m happy to see Maxwell’s “Hearing Between the Lines” taking on some dimensions of the audience question. I understand her book is due out next year.

        I also want to check out Wardle’s “Continuity and Discontinuity: the Temple and Early Christian Identity” from Duke.

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