Videos: Jay Leno Goes Jaywalking (Bible Edition)

Click the following link (and scroll to the bottom of the page) for two segments, one from 1997 and another from 2007, of former Tonight Show host Jay Leno doing his famous “Jaywalking” segment, asking various people simple biblically-related questions.  The results, as you may expect, are less than stellar.

(unfortunately I cannot figure out how to post the videos directly in this thread; if anyone knows how, please do let me know).


2 thoughts on “Videos: Jay Leno Goes Jaywalking (Bible Edition)

  1. Bob MacDonald says:

    I managed to post videos by copying and pasting html code from Goodacre’s recent posts. It is not terribly easy cause you have to find the right link code. Go to the page where the video shows, right click and show source, find the word ‘Object’ and copy the bit between the object tag and its end – the tags are between less than signs – the end tag is preceded by a slash.

    Then paste the text where you want it using the html support window of your editor. There must be an easier way but I have not found it.

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