On Being Frustrated

The last few weeks have seen a string of events that have left me frustrated.  Things have simply not been going in my favor (not that they always did before, mind you; perhaps Deuteronomistic theology is at work and I should inspect my life to check my adherence to Torah . . . let’s just hope I at least come out unlike Manasseh!).  Here’s a bit of what’s been going on . . .

-Two weeks ago we were accidentally locked out of our house.  Of course, we called a locksmith, assured it would take no time at all to pick the lock.  Well, four hours later (outside with a tired 2 yr old, mind you), three locksmith companies, and five locksmiths later we got in our house . . . through a window.  Sigh.

-This past weekend my wife and I set out to replace our leaky kitchen faucet.  Upon taking the faucet off we attempted to remove the handles to clean out any debris.  The handles, however, were stuck, so in our wisdom we hammered them off with a hammer.  That broke our old faucet.  So we went to Home Depot to buy a new faucet.  Upon returning home we finished disconnecting the old one from the wall, only to reveal that one of the attached pipes was so brittle that the threading part broke off.  We could hook the new sink up, but we had no pressure at all, and the leak was now coming out of the wall.  We called a plumber and was told a simple house call would be $150 on the weekend.  So after a day with no water (we obviously had to shut the water off at the street to keep it from shooting out of the wall in the kitchen) we finally found a plumber whose house call on the weekends was not so exorbitant.  Two hours later and $300 later we have a new faucet that doesn’t drip . . . but I’d rather have a mildly drippy faucet and $300 in my pocket.

-Today daycare called and said my son was pushed by another child, resulting in a huge bump and scrape on his forehead and some scraping around one of his eyes.  He seems fine, but I don’t have a lot of patience or tolerance (none, actually) for things happening to my son.  He has also recently been getting bitten by a certain child at daycare.  He came up to me a little bit ago and said he had an “owie” on his head, and then he said “daddy kiss it.”  Children are such a blessing.  And there is no better feeling than being able to make your child feel better.

There are some other things, but these are three biggies . . . leaving me . . . frustrated.


11 thoughts on “On Being Frustrated

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    There’s a time and season for everything under the sun: a time to break into the house, a time to break the faucet, a time to break some punk kid’s little nose . . . well, maybe not that last one, but that’s how I’d feel about it.

    Hope things get better soon!

    • John Anderson says:

      Roy: Good to see you still have some ‘wisdom’ in your blood! The only thing about your last statement is that it is problematic for another reason . . . I’m pretty certain, almost positive, it is a girl that pushed him.

      Nate: I agree. That was the running joke we started making about hour 1. By the time we were 4 hours in we were calling our house “Fort Knox.”

      • Roy "Eli" Garton says:

        Note that “kid” is gender neutral, and besides chivalry died with the rise of gender equality. 😉

  2. Joseph Kelly says:

    Last night, after reading your post and, my wireless modem/router went out. After some research on the internet, I found out that EVERY one (of my particular brand/model) dies just after the warranty. And yes, my warranty just expired. Oh, did I mention my computer died last month, and we had to get me another one? I curse the gods of planned obsolescence!!!

    • John Anderson says:

      Joseph: I hear you. If I had to go back about 3 months or so, our computer went out. Bought some new parts for it and got it fixed for about a month, then it biffed again. Finally bought a new one. That was another unexpected expense.

      And now some weird indicator light is blinking in the dash of our car. I thought stuff only happened in 3’s!!!

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