On Being Videotaped While Teaching . . .

Today, as part of Baylor’s teaching/pedagogy colloquy for new teachers of record, my class session was recorded.  I was pleased that the camera turned out not to be much of a bother to me or those in my class.  There was, though, the initial question from a student: “why is there a camera in the classroom?”  I responded, “Ashton Kutcher will be coming in later.  This has been one big, prolonged episode of Punk’d . . . I really have no academic biblical training, and I really know nothing about the Bible.”  The students got a kick out of that.

In the coming days I will receive a copy of this to watch and reflect upon various aspects of how I teach.  I don’t relish watching or hearing myself (who does?), but it will be a helpful exercise.  The topic today was the gospel of John, and I do think it was a good session overall.  Very fine engagement from the class, and a solid way to wrap up the gospels.  Perhaps, if I feel good about it upon review, I’ll post up some (or all) of it.


4 thoughts on “On Being Videotaped While Teaching . . .

    • John Anderson says:


      Ha! Now that would take some work! My wife could pull it off (she’s a graphic designer and techy like that), but me . . . not so much.

      It’s a shame Punk’d isn’t on the air any more. At least we have Kutcher’s tweets!

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    I’ve actually thought on a number of occasions that your being at Baylor was just one long episode of Punk’d. The only thing that’s kept from spilling the beans is that I can’t figure out who it is that’s being Punk’d!! 🙂

    Just kidding, you know that . . .

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