Tons of New Books! My Trip to the HOT Book Sale 2009

This is the third year I have attended the Heart of Texas/Friends of the Library Book Sale.  There are over 100,000 books available, organized in two huge buildings.  I was able to get some great religion titles . . . all of those I list here I got today, and for only about $30.00!

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Georg Fohrer, Introduction to the Old Testament
John H. Tullock, The Old Testament Story. 2nd ed.
Paul R. House, Old Testament Survey
G.W. Anderson, The History and Religion of Israel
Roland de Vaux, Ancient Israel: Religious Institutions
Karen Jobes, NIV Application Commentary: Esther

New Testament
Joachim Jeremias, The Parables of Jesus
Joachim Jeremias, Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus
Rudolf Bultmann, Jesus and the Word
Wayne Meeks (ed)., The WRitings of St. Paul
John Dominic Crossan, Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography
John Dominic Crossan, Who Killed Jesus?
Gunther Bornkamm, Paul
Alan Richardson, An Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament
Gerd Theissen, Fortress Introduction to the New Testament
F.F. Bruce, New Testament History
Norman Perrin, The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus
C.H. Dodd, The Parables of the Kingdom
Robert H. Gundry, A Survey of the New Testament
Kittel (ed)., Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. Vol. 2.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Millar Burrows, The Dead Sea Scrolls

Reference Works
Whiston, The Life and Works of Flavius Josephus
The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. E-J.
The Broadman Bible Commentary: Luke-John.

Richard L. Rubenstein, After Auschwitz
Elie Wiesel, A Jew Today
Martin Buber, The Prophetic Faith
Mordecai M. Kaplan, Judaism without Supernaturalism: The Only Alternative to Orthodoxy and Secularism


Nice, eh?  I’ll be going back on Sunday, when it is $8.00 to fill a brown paper bag with whatever I want!


12 thoughts on “Tons of New Books! My Trip to the HOT Book Sale 2009

    • John Anderson says:


      I was a bit upset, as I am each year, though. There are a ton of booksellers present who just have their little machine and do nothing but unthinkingly scan the books and if a certain number pops up they grab it. The religion table seems especially prone to having these folk right at the outset. So, by the time I got in the door and to the table I already saw someone walking off with a handful of several other TDNT/TDOT volumes (which, had I gotten, would only have been $1.50 each!!). And later I saw someone talking about finding a copy of Bruce Metzger. And some other things I would have loved to have. But I was pleased with what I got, ultimately. Just wish they would allow about an hour to look through before any booksellers can come in.

    • John Anderson says:


      I do find historical Jesus studies interesting, and I thought that for $1.50 I could swing it. Please, dear reader, know that I do not support Crossan, nor Borg, nor the Jesus Seminar’s view and/or methodology (which is really quite ridiculous) .

  1. Jason says:

    John: I was just teasing you. I own one of Crossan’s books. It was given to me and I don’t usually turn down free books! So, where was this book sale?

  2. John Anderson says:

    It is in Waco. At the Heart of Texas Coliseum, in two adjoined convention center type buildings. It happens every year in November for abut five days. This year it will end on Sunday, as it does each year, with $8.00 for a bag full of books, your choice, as much as you can fit. My wife, son, and I will be returning on Sunday for this purpose.

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