What Books are you Hoping/Going to buy at SBL 2009?

For me, a large part of the SBL meeting is always the book exhibit.  It is a remarkably intimidating sight, but I always enjoy perusing the various booths over and over, planning my purchases just right.

Because of dissertation work, I have already purchased many of the volumes I had intended to buy at the meeting.  I honestly am not certain what specifically I will be buying.  I do have a few volumes on Genesis I will be keeping an eye out for, specifically if they are well priced.  Those volumes are as follows:

Victor Hamilton, Genesis 18-50. NICOT. Eerdmans.

Brenner, Lee, Yee, Genesis. Texts @ Contexts. Fortress.

James Crenshaw, Defending God. Oxford.

Gunkel, Genesis. Mercer.

James McKeown, Genesis. Eerdmans.

von Rad, Genesis. WJK.

Gordan Wenham, Genesis 16-50. WBC.

These are a few things I am interested in . . . mostly ‘older’ things.  I have every confidence I will find several things at the booths of which I am not even aware that I will end up getting.

So, what books are on your list to get at SBL?

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3 thoughts on “What Books are you Hoping/Going to buy at SBL 2009?

  1. Joseph says:

    I don’t have the largest book budget for this meeting, considering I have been burning through my book fund this semester. Anyway, I want Goldingay’s OTT, but I don’t have volumes 1 & 2 yet, so I am not sure if I will buy just volume 3. I am considering Moberly’s Theology of Genesis. (John, where’s that review! It isn’t like you have anything else to do right now!!!) Also, Mark Smith’s Priestly Version of Genesis 1. And I want to take a look at the new Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures series Eisenbrauns is putting out. The first volume especially looks interesting.

  2. Adam Couturier says:

    I wish I was going this year, but sadly I couldn’t swing the cost of airfare, admission, and a hotel. So I treated myself to the Advanced Hebrew Supplement package for Logos.

    On another note, I own James Crenshaw’s old copy of von Rad’s Genesis commentary. He jettisoned a ton of books, and I was able to snatch a few of them up last year.

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