More New Books from the HOT Book Fair!!

See HERE for my original post on this topic.  Today was $8.00 for a full bag of books, your choice, at the HOT book fair.  So, my wife, son, and I returned.  And I was surprised to find a few more volumes still of interest to me.  Here is what I picked up today . . .

Eduard Schweitzer, The Good News According to Matthew

Martin Buber, The Eclipse of God

Martin Buber, I and Thou

Bernhard Anderson, Understanding the Old Testament

Matthews and Benjamin, Old Testament Parallels

Graham Stanton (ed), Interpreting Matthew

S.R. Driver, An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament

Hawthorne, Philippians: Themes (WBC)

W.D. Davies, The Sermon on the Mount

Stephen Harries, Introduction to the New Testament

Some good finds in my view; I was especially pleased to find the Buber volumes.


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