My New Toy!! (or, Christmas comes early)

Yesterday I decided, finally, to break down and beg my family to let me get a Christmas gift early.  What did I want, you ask?  An Ipod touch (I didn’t get an iphone because I have Verizon, and yes, I know about the Droid, but we aren’t eligible to upgrade for another year and I can’t spend $500 on a phone).  So far, I love it.  I was up until 2 am playing with it, downloading apps.  I’ve gone app crazy!  I am really looking forward to having it in New Orleans, assuming there will be wireless internet available at the conference site as there has been in past years.

And so I ask you, friends, to suggest to me the best FREE apps to get, be they games, document viewers, language sources, Bibles, etc.  Suggest away!


5 thoughts on “My New Toy!! (or, Christmas comes early)

  1. Jason says:

    Cool. I am holding out for an iPhone, but it will have to be next year. Maybe they’ll have a model out then. I would love to get an iPod Touch, but my Blackberry does fine with my music.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Nice! I just got an iPod Touch for my bday recently as well… OliveTree has a GreekNT/Hebrew app but I think it was like $30… didn’t buy it yet so not sure how good it is.

    I also have the Amazon Kindle app and there’s a bunch of free books you can load on there (probably older translations but still… e.g., Josephus, Suetonius, Plutarch)!

    Let us know if there’s any other cool apps you’ve found. Happy downloading.

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