Christmas Update: HOME!

Blogging has been slow recently.  The semester ended, which means teaching ended for me.  I will be posting up my reflections on teaching in due course.

At present, however, my wife, son, and I are home with our families (both are families live in the same town) in South Dakota.  It was an uneventful trip here, save for the fact my son got sick the first night of the trip in the car, about 30 minutes outside Waco, and continued throwing up nearly 10 times in the car and hotel room later that night.  The diagnosis is a bit anomalous to us still, but I am glad to report that aside from a little cold, he seems fine now.  But let me tell you, sick cards are one thing, but sick kids in the car is another.  I felt so bad for him; we stopped at a gas station outside Fort Worth to clean him up after one of his episodes (and he was acting FINE, which was bizarre), and he said to me and my wife, “I’m all wet . . . I sorry.”  Coming from a 2 yr old, that was too precious.  We told him there was no reason to apologize, but it was too adorable.  Things like that are both funny and heartwarming.

Thus far, being home is as wonderful as always.  My parents have done their usual onslaught of Christmas baking: special K bars, fudge, Christmas cookies, 12 gallons of chex mix (the best thing ever!), croissant rolls, garlic seasoned oyster crackers . . . . and more to come! 

We did Christmas with my wife’s family this evening.  My son made out like a bandit . . . a Mickey Mouse book, an accessory pack for his new toy train we are getting him, a memory game, SpongeBob pajamas, the Elefun board game, a cd of kid’s songs, a play tool set, and more I can’t even remember.  And he still has the stuff from my wife and I, as well as my parents and sister to open!  He also helped pass out the gifts.  Two-year olds are hardwired to be helpful.  And what did I get, you ask?  $50 Amazon gift cards from the in-laws, and a pack of wrestling trading cards (still sealed, and it will remain that way!) from my sisters-in-law.  And, again, we still have my side of the family to do Christmas with yet. 

I hope you all are enjoying this time of year, and I wish you all safe and sane travels!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Update: HOME!

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Glad to hear you all are having a great time, John.

    I don’t remember when you have to head back to Waco, but please be careful in Oklahoma if you are returning within the next couple of days. Blizzard conditions for most of I-35.

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