HOME: Weather Edition




My wife, son, and I are still home in SD (we were supposed to leave today), snowed in. Many of you, I trust, have seen the huge winter system the Midwest has had the last few days. My town has had 16.2 inches since Wednesday, and we have a bit more here now. All interstates are closed in the state, and I just found out the highway in Nebraska we drive on for several hours is closed and may stay closed tomorrow.

I’m glad to be home a few extra days, of course. But this is the worst blizzard they’ve had since the 1960s!! Insane!

Hope you all had a blessed, safe, and happy Christmas! Wish us all safe and sane travels!


2 thoughts on “HOME: Weather Edition

  1. Roy "Eli" Garton says:

    Deb, Warren, and I are leaving for Texas this morning, John. All the interstates in OK are open, and I’ll let you know when we get home of any road hazards we encounter.

  2. Julie Morris says:

    Hi John!
    Long time and appreciative reader. My family and I are preparing to be snowed in as we speak in Texas. The weather here has been pretty exciting and unusual. Still snow on the ground from Christmas Eve! Best wishes for safe travels home.

    My husband has an application submitted for Baylor’s Theology Phd program. Baylor has been our first choice for years, and the program there gets better every year. We hope you are enjoying the awesome opportunity to study there ;). Curious, do you recall last year about when you received your invitation to interview? We’re barely sleeping right now in our excitement and apprehension. I think if our families hear the word “Baylor” one more time this week we may have to walk home in the snow.

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