Who has applied to Baylor?

I’m curious who here…bloggers and readers…have applied to Baylor’s PhD program this year, and if so what area?

And, for whatever it’s worth, I am in charge of Baylor’s preview weekend (early February this year), so if some of you score an interview we will be in communication leading up to that. I wish you all luck.

Brief disclaimer…I in no way have the ear of the committee, nor do I contribute in any way to their discerning process. My role is to organize the weekend and give you all the best taste of Baylor I can!


8 thoughts on “Who has applied to Baylor?

  1. John Anderson says:

    Joseph: I wish you luck!

    Matt: And cheap food. Some of the best prices on food at any restaurant. Very impressive.

    To All: I don’t believe (indeed, know for a fact) that there are many more who have applied to Baylor. Where are you?

  2. David says:

    I’m applying in Systematic Theology. My wife has been reading your blog for some time, though I’ve just discovered it myself!

  3. John Anderson says:

    Ken: Good luck. I saw you networking with folk at my masters ‘alma mater,’ Duke, at SBL. Good luck with them as well.

    Roy: Some (i.e., me!) would say you should reapply! Just kidding, buddy.

    David: Glad to hear it. Good luck. And thanks for weighing in; I hope you and your wife will not be strangers.

  4. KC Flynn says:

    Hey John…thought I’d drop you a note on here. I really enjoyed your interview with Hays! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and in keeping with this post, I applied in theology/ethics. peace!

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