Kenneth Starr named Baylor’s 14th President


Pretty interesting pick.  He’s coming from Pepperdine (maybe Chris Heard can weigh in on this??)  I don’t know what this means for the University, or what it means for the public perception of Baylor.  But from what I gather of his more recent work, he maybe a good fit.  We shall see.  Either way, it has gotten some press, and I will be curious how it all plays out.


2 thoughts on “Kenneth Starr named Baylor’s 14th President

  1. David Melvin says:

    Here’s what I don’t get: He’s not even Baptist. How does that work?

    Not that I care that he is not Baptist, since I am not. But seeing as I could not be hired full-time in the Religion Department or the seminary unless I were Baptist, I’m puzzled at how a lifelong Church of Christ guy ends up president of the university. I assume that a stipulation of his being hired is that he must join a Baptist church. Still, you would think that for a president they would want someone with a solid Baptist background, rather than someone who joined just to get a job.

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