Brueggemann comments on reading my dissertation…


As many of you know, Walter Brueggemann is reading my dissertation along the way. He was at Baylor last week, and this gave me the opportunity to give him chapters 2 and 3. This morning I received an email with his response. It was resoundingly positive. I will not here quote the entire thing, but two points of special interest.

“I have read these two chapters with great interest and respond positively to what you are doing . . . The overall direction is, in my judgment, just right.”

AND . . .

“Most important, I believe that your use of all the trickster motifs in the interest of theology is the major point. The scholars who focus on trickster etc have little interest in theology and vice versa. For you to bring those two points together is a major contribution.”

Pretty cool in my view. I am so thankful for his reading and comments. I smell book blurb! Ha!


6 thoughts on “Brueggemann comments on reading my dissertation…

  1. Phil Sumpter says:

    Congratulations! I’m delighted you are factoring theology into your work. I hope you will share some of your insights on your blog.

    Interestingly enough, someone once suggested a connection between Ps 24:6 (my text) and the Jacob cycle … I found the suggestion odd at first, but on closer inspection there may be something there. I’ll be getting back to it later.

  2. John Anderson says:

    Phil: interesting. I will be curious what you do with it. Eventually I may have to peek at it, given my interest in the Psalms.

    Jason: I agree. Wholly.

    Claude: thanks! I have four of the five chapters done and will defend this April or May. Either way I will be done come the end of this semester.

    Tony: he is a fine scholar and has been formative for much of my work.

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