3 for 3: THIRD Paper accepted for SBL in Atlanta

See  HERE and HERE for the other two.

Ok, this is getting crazy!  First, yes I am patently aware I am only allowed to do two papers.  To be honest, I never expected all 3 to be accepted.  But, news came today from Konrad Schmid that my paper on Gen 32-33 (which I presented at the regional meeting two weeks ago; see abstract HERE) was accepted for the Pentateuch program unit.  I am quite pleased, and surprised . . . not because of the quality of my paper but because methodologically it is not about Pentateuchal composition.

I have yet to make my final decision as to which two I will do; there is no question that I will present in the Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures section.  At present I am strongly leaning toward withdrawing the Isaiah paper and presenting in the Pentateuch section.  That is a fine, and important, group of folk with whom I would be fortunate to be involved.

How about others?  Have you had papers accepted?  If so, what is the title, and what unit?


5 thoughts on “3 for 3: THIRD Paper accepted for SBL in Atlanta

  1. Joseph Kelly says:

    My paper was NOT accepted into the Hebrew Scriptures and Cognate Literature program unit. Still haven’t heard back on my second paper. It is in the same group I was in last year, so I suspect that I have a decent chance of getting in.

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