Pictures from my Baylor Ph.D. Graduation

Two weeks ago I officially graduated from Baylor University with a Ph.D. in biblical studies (emphasis on Hebrew Bible/OT).  Here are a few pictures from Ph.D. banquet the night before graduation, and from graduation itself.

With my advisor, Bill Bellinger, at the doctoral dinner


With my second reader, Jim Nogalski, at the doctoral dinner.

With my wife Taryn at Graduation

With Bill Bellinger and my wife Taryn at graduation.

With my parents and Bill Bellinger at graduation

Lovely Baylor Green robe. Nice hood shot!

Acting as any good Ph.D. should! Celebration!


2 thoughts on “Pictures from my Baylor Ph.D. Graduation

  1. Phil Sumpter says:

    Congratulations, John. I hope to be finished around June 2011.

    I was in Oxford last week and Bellinger told me that another student of his, Jim Keener, has just finished a thesis which is similar to mine: Childs’ canonical approach and an application to Ps 8. I can’t find his contact details on the Baylor website. Do you happen to know him? Could you suggest how I find his e-mail address? I’d be grateful for any help. My own address is philsumpter at hotmail dot com.

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