Books for Sale!

I have a few books I’ m looking to off-load for whatever reason. They are listed on Amazon, but in the interest of cutting out the middle-‘man’–and Amazon’s commission–I thought I’d offer them here too if someone wants them. If interested simply tell me what you want in the comments. All prices include shipping. All books are pristine, pages unmarked, and in flawless new/like new condition. (N.B. All books save for Seibert are hardcover)

Eric Seibert, Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of God ($15.00)

Brenner, Lee, Yee (eds), Genesis: Texts @ Contexts ($23.00)

Joel Willitts, Matthew’s Messianic Shepherd King: In Search of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel ($75.00)

Claus Westermann, Genesis 37-50: A Continental Commentary ($20.00)

Otto Betz, Martin Hengel, Peter Schmidt (eds), Abraham unser Vater: Juden und Christen im Gesprach uber die Bibel. Festschrift fur Otto Michel ($32.00)

Eldon Jay Epp, Theological Tendency of Codex Bezae Cantarbrigiensis in Acts ($35.00)

James Charlesworth, The Dead Sea Scrolls: Pesharim, Other Commentaries, and Related Documents ($115.00)
(see the Amazon listing HERE)

Hope someone is interested!


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