Announcing the sessions for the Genesis Unit at SBL 2011!

SBL 2011 will see the inaugural sessions for the new program unit on the book of Genesis (for more, see HERE). We will be holding two sessions, and as chair of the unit I am glad to announce them now.

Session One
Theme: Genesis and Theology

Christopher Heard, Pepperdine University, presiding

John Anderson, Augustana College, “The Unsettling God of Genesis: What and Whose Theology?”

Terence Fretheim, Luther Seminary, “Jacob’s Wrestling and Issues of Divine Power (Gen 32:22-32)”

Joel Kaminksy, Smith College, “Genesis 1-11: Reflections on the Theological Dimensions of the Opening of Genesis”

Tammi Schneider, Claremont Graduate University, “Where Do We Go From here: Women in the Book of Genesis”

Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, Respondent

Session Two
Theme: Wrestling with Gen1: The State of the Question and Avenues Moving Forward

John Anderson, Augustana College, presiding

Christopher Heard, Pepperdine University, “Gen 1: The State of the Question”

William Brown, Columbia Theological Seminary, panelist

Mark Smith, New York University, panelist

John Walton, Wheaton College, panelist

Ellen van Wolde, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, panelist

Discussion (60 mins)

So, how’d we do? The steering committee is tremendously excited about this first year’s sessions (and also for the 2012 sessions, which are set, but I won’t reveal those until that meeting draws closer). And who is planning to attend?! Hope to see you all there!


7 thoughts on “Announcing the sessions for the Genesis Unit at SBL 2011!

  1. Robert C. Kashow says:

    Well done, John. I hope my schedule will permit me to attend the sessions. I expected some papers which would have appeared over my head, but these seem like some good papers which can get me caught up to speed. Perhaps an excellent idea for the introductory round of this unit.

  2. Joseph Kelly says:

    It would be difficult for anything (short of one’s own presentation) to be more worthy of attending than these sessions.

    BTW, you can quote me on that for your promotional material, lol.

  3. John Anderson says:

    @Rob: The committee and I invited the participants, they came up with the topics. I think this is important and worthwhile work being done, and I hope it provides a snapshot of Genesis scholarship at present.

    @Joseph: Assuming you are not speaking facetiously (which I also have been charged with at many points), thank you. The committee is excited . . . next year is stacked too.

  4. Paul A. Nierengarten says:

    This new unit ilooks exhilarating. I would love to hear the papers as they cover some interesting topics, but unfortunately I won’t be attending SBL this year. I hope the program group continues. I plan to be there in Chicago 2012. Congrats on your accepted paper, John. I pray all goes well. Looks to be a good time.

    • John Anderson says:

      @Paul: This was actually the easiest paper acceptance I’ve had. I simply clicked “accept” and slotted it into the program. You can’t call it nepotism! But thank you for your very kind words; the program will be running for at least 3 years, and I am optimistic will become a permanent fixture after that.

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