Marvin Sweeney on Divine Deception in Genesis

I just came along this wonderful comment, albeit too late to include in my forthcoming book. No worries, though; I plan to include it in an article on which I am working. But Sweeney raises the issue in a wonderful way when talking about method and the character of God:

“Freed from the presuppositions of historical analysis that the trickster or deceptive nature of
G-d’s character in Genesis is simply the product of a primitive and theologically unsophisticated stage in Israelite religious development, scholars are now coming to recognize that divine duplicity and deception cannot be dismissed as the product of primitive culture, but must be taken into account in biblical interpretation”
(Marvin Sweeney, Reading the Hebrew Bible after the Shoah: Engaging Holocaust Theology, 25).

Spot on! Absolutely spot on! Unfortunately, this conversation on divine deception (in Genesis especially, see HERE) is still very much in its infancy, but I am glad to hopefully be giving that conversation a jumpstart!


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