So who’s on the Twitter?

Since Facebook has proven to be a delightful means of making connections within academia and being made aware of current trends and conservations in scholarship, I have begun, again, reading and using Twitter. It is partly entertainment related (yes, so I can see how my favorite WWE wrestlers are doing, or read the daily hilarious tweets of one of my favorite comics, Jim Gaffigan), but I’ve also found a fair number of biblical scholars on there. Not a lot, however. What’s more, I only (sigh) have about 50 followers–and a disturbing number of them are weight loss folk that I’ve NEVER met or heard of in my life–all of which makes conversations and connections less profitable and robust.

And so, dear and loyal readers, I ask of you two things:

1) What biblical scholars do you know that are on Twitter, and what are their handles?

2) Feel free to follow me: @johneanderson (do note the inclusion of the middle initial), and drop me a note if you do follow me. I don’t always catch the new ones.


2 thoughts on “So who’s on the Twitter?

  1. Nathan Smith says:

    Here are a few you might like (though my interests also go around the pole of software, which is reflected below):
    @jtauber (of MorphGNT fame)
    @RickBrannan (among many Logos Bible software folks)

  2. anummabrooke says:

    You’ll know these, I think:

    There’s James McGrath, of course:

    And Akma (AKM Adam):

    Robert Cargill:

    There’s my friend Nyasha Junior:

    My lists are a bit untidy, so I’m not sure who I’m missing. In any case, it’s clear that the “old guard” is underrepresented on Twitter.

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