Read my RBL Review of Eric Seibert’s Disturbing Divine Behavior

My RBL review of my friend Eric Seibert’s Disturbing Divine Behavior has just been published. I have offered my comments on this book elsewhere on this blog (see HERE and HERE). I am glad that my blogging on his book put me in touch with Eric, and we were able to meet at the most recent SBL over lunch, and we have kept in touch via email often since. As will become clear in reading the review, I think the work Seibert is trying to do is important, though I remain (utterly) unconvinced of his proposal; in fact, I think it raises more problems than it purports to solve. But enough about that . . . please, read and offer your thoughts! I’m especially curious about this one, as Eric is a friend and I have thought about and wrestled with this book for a great while.